Advantage Freighting

Freight Services

Freights Services we provide:

Advantage Freighting is a B2B freight consultation company that utilizes its robust network of carriers in order to deliver the best rates possible.
Advantage Freighting, a subdivision of Advantage Graphic Supplies, utilizes its 20+ years of experience in the industry in order to broker the most competitive rates for its customers, including prompt delivery time and safe transport.

Below is a list of the different freights we offer

  • Assured LTL services between Canada and U.S. destinations
  • Guaranteed door-to-door delivery
  • Bonded carriers
  • Custom clearances
  • Expedited release
  • Warehousing and distribution


Our client care team is trained to ensure consistent quality and professional service. They’re available to assist with quoting, booking, and answering any questions you may have about your shipment. No matter how complex the request, you can rest assured knowing your product is in good hands.

For quotes, call: 905-770-1195. To help us better prepare, please provide a general description of your shipping requirements (i.e. Product, dimensions, quantity, weight, shipping frequency, estimated pick-up/drop-off, etc.). Our team will follow up with a quote and request additional information as required.