FC9000 Series

The flagship FC9000 Series is Graphtec’s most advanced, versatile roll fed cutting plotter to date. Revered around the world for its dependable, high-precision cutting capabilities with both printed and unprinted materials, the FC Series is the ultimate finishing solution for the wide format signage, apparel, and automotive industries. A newly developed feeding system and cutting head has further improved cutting quality of thin and thick materials ranging from delicate window tint to rigid magnet and high intensity reflective. ARMS 8.0 features the introduction of Graphtec’s Datalink Barcode Datalink System which efficiently loads and processes your jobs automatically.

CE7000-40 | CE7000-60

The Graphtec Carrier Sheet Tablefor the CE7000-40 / 60 cutter models is an optional accessory that can be attachedto the front and back of the machine.The assembled table attachments support carrier sheets thatallow you to feed and cut media requiring a at surface or backing.

Made for any material requiring a carrier sheet such as thin paper or any material without a backer liner.
• Eliminates bowing when cutting rigid material like card stock

FCX2000 Series

The FCX2000 Series is the ultimate solution for package prototyping and short production runs of rigid materials without the use of a cutting die. With Graphtec’s medium to large flatbed cutting plotters, you have the right tool for contour cutting without requiring a die. Reduce media waste and processing time with included, dedicated software.Users are empowered to create custom orders at low cost with short delivery times. Redesigned Y bar and cutting table deliver high precision cutting and creasing. New dedicated design software and plug-ins provide all of the tools necessary to create elegant, professional products.


ARMS 7.0 technology ensures efficient, high precision print and cut jobs. CE Lite-50 detects registration marks on the media to accurately align the position of the cutting line to the printed image on various materials including glitter and metallic.


USB offline barcoding automatically loads saved cut data, sets tool conditions, and processes the job at the push of a button - without requiring a PC connection.


Max. guaranteed cutting media width up to 20”,roll media up to 118” long using the roll media stocker.